" और सत्य को जानोगे, और सत्य तुम्हें स्वतंत्र करेगा । "
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[ Methodist Church in India ]
Centenary Methodist Church
(Hindi Service)

Masihi Jeevan Sathi
A Matrimonial Programme
(next meet on: 01-Feb-2020)

The Pastors / Members of Churches

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

A humble effort, in response to numerous queries by Christians, for finding a suitable Christian Partner for single Christian men and women is being made. We hope that through this we will be able to help some in finding a 'Masihi Jeevan Sathi'.

Please make an announcement in this regard in your church. And please find attached a registration form for this purpose which the candidates have to fill in. You can get the form photocopied if need is there for extra. And inform the candidates that all columns have to be filled in and after filling in the form it has to be signed by you along with the seal of the church. The candidates have to bring their original certificates as mentioned in the form for verification by the people organizing this programme.

Those forms which are complete will be accepted and will be telephonically informed and called for a gathering/meet. Candidates can come along with not more than two immediate family members in this gathering/meet.

This is being done with an intention to help our Christian community in this matter. So we request your prayers, support and cooperation. If you have any suggestion for improvement or clarification please let us know. Finalizing the marriage proposal, etc will be solely the responsibility of the candidate and his/her family. We are just becoming a sort of initiator. It will be good if they could bring their original baptism certificate, church membership certificate, date of birth proof (10th class certificate/MCD certificate, etc), highest education degree/diploma/certificate, last received salary receipt.

Thanking you with best wishes. God bless!


Mr. Lani John
Lay Activity Committee
Centenary Methodist Church,
(Hindi Congregation)
Rev. Sujeev Dass
Pastor In charge
Centenary Methodist Church,
(Hindi Congregation)

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