" और सत्य को जानोगे, और सत्य तुम्हें स्वतंत्र करेगा । "
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[ Methodist Church in India ]
Centenary Methodist Church
(Hindi Service)

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April 2023
Good Friday Service
07-April-23 : Good Friday Service (Hindi) at 12:00 PM

Easter Sunrise Service
09-April-23 : Easter Sunrise Service (Hindi) at 05:00 AM

Easter Service
09-April-23 : Easter Service (Hindi) at 10:30 AM followed by baptisms. For details contact pastor through sms/what's app only - 9810777977, Rev Sujeev Dass (pastor in charge)

Car parking- please use the SAIL/BHEL parking adjacent to petrol pump. Also a new multi-level car parking opposite to the church on the other side of flyover may be used.

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